News: Parallel and The Fashion Group. Partner Up

We are proud to announce that we “Parallel” and The Fashion Group. have partnered up to make s*hit loads of money together. No, on a serious note The Fashion Group. is a fashion agency offering services from brand start-up to social media management. Based in Manchester they have already bagged themselves some impressive clients who will be launching new brands next year.

Director Chantelle Smith is one of the driving forces behind The Fashion Group. and seen the potential that a partnership would be great for both businesses. Some of their services include:

PR & Marketing
Social Media
CAD Design
Digital Design
Brand consultancy and more

So basically if you are thinking of starting a new fashion brand or even if you feel your brand needs the right agency to represent your brand then go check The Fashion Group. out and see what they can do for your brand. Looking ahead at the plans and there are some exciting times!!