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Now were being serious here, no bullsh*t. We know what its like giving your precious email away and the amount of spam that you probably already get in your email boxes must be crazy. So as businesses basically need emails to send out emails (of course) we decided that if someone is going to give us their email then we at least have to give something in return, right? — wrong, technically we don’t have to give you anything lol.

No but seriously by joining our mailing list we randomly just give things away, like we might just email you and say hey [your name] whats your size? we wanna send you this item…. or fancy an exclusive 30% off from this brand? and don’t think you will receive loads of emails from us cause we wont. We just cant be arsed to send 4 emails out a week. Infact why do brands even do that!!!!

You can always opt out — the little unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and poof! no more sick offers from us.

So if you want to sign up click the BIG sign up button below you cant miss it. If you do then your just crap (lol only joking).

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