Brand: Cara Delevingne x PUMA “Do You” Campaign

Brand: Cara Delevingne x PUMA “Do You” Campaign My rating: 4.2 out of 5

First Rihanna then Kylie Jenner now Cara Delevingne. PUMA are seriously making some big moves with their female brand ambassadors.Β  PUMA’s “Do You” campaign is aimed at inspiring confidence in women and when you got a female lineup like the above no wonder people are taking notice.

Its great getting, powerful young women on board with a strong message to really drive it home. “Do You” is all about accepting who you are and the body you have. We see way too often images of so called “perfectly shaped” women everywhere. But its not about following or trying to be someone else, hence the “Do You” slogan. Do you, be yourself, accept who you are and just generally be a happy human being.

Check ouy some of the images and video from the campaign. Oh and is directed by Rihanna πŸ™‚