Brand: Nike Air Max Day 2017 Collection

Brand: Nike Air Max Day 2017 Collection My rating: 4.6 out of 5

Who doesn’t love a Nike trainer/sneaker? well we do!! To celebrate the official Nike Air Max Day which is on26 March 2017 they will be releasing exclusive trainers for you to purchase. Air Max are 30 this year!! but still going strong… Let us know what you think, send us your pictures, comments and opinions.

Air has been an integral part of Nike since it was first introduced in 1979’s Air Tailwind. For the first eight years, it was felt rather than seen. Then, in 1987, it became visible with Air Max technology, and the revolution began. Air Max quickly spread from running to basketball, training and tennis, while at the same time becoming an element in coveted lifestyle products across the globe. After 30 years, Air Max continues to evolve. On 26 March 2017, we observe Air Max Day and mark the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 1, the shoe that pushed Air Innovation to new heights. To celebrate, a mix of retros, remixes and innovations will be released through the month of March. This fresh lineup of Air, including the long-awaited Nike Air VaporMax, proves the potential of Air has never been stronger.

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