News: Puma Spring / Summer Collection by Rihanna

Rihanna’s collection is rocking the world from the runway of Paris to the streets of New York.

So basically, Rihanna who is everyone’s favorite iconic singer paid attention to the eighteenth century for her collection. Known famously as the Puma by Rihanna Fenty Collection, she launched it for the upcoming spring and summer of 2017. Her collection has a twist of streetwear along with depicting the mood of Marie Antoinette. A perfectly executing French cool at the Paris Fashion Week, it is taken to the streets of New York City now for their very own how to take on collection.

The style itself gives all the outfits a unique look that would make you want to stare at it for hours. Intricately designed with a lot of hard work, these outfits will definitely make you the center of attention where ever you go. The collection consists of a wide range of stuff to choose from. Lace tops, crop tops, and much more. Everything is up to date and trendy. Basically the hottest collection to choose from.

The romantic theme behind the collection has met the edge of Brooklyn’s Red Hook. The palette is soft in color with a touch of rose pink and a flirty shade of tan against the hard brick and fencing. The key element to layering are the main pieces used for it. The lace long bra makes a sweet statement and peeks beneath the oversized pullover. It also acts as a crop top with embroidered die cut pants, for instance. The bandana cap completes the look by adding movement to the attire and the bow cross back makes a style statement that can’t be overlooked. With the attitude of a bad girl, she makes the attire itself a statement and gives it the classy look that can be pulled off only by her.

You can take a look at the style guide and literally you will love each and every piece of it. The way it has been stitched, the style, the cuts, and the colors will make you want to buy each and every piece without even looking at the price tags. If you are in New York City, you can drop by at the store to check out an even wider range of Fenty Puma pieces. But do not forget that the date for it is 20th May.