News: HERO/BLACK SS18 Collection

Winter season is well underway with many fashion houses busy giving final shape to their winter collections. But designer duo Rhea Fernandez and Angela Brantley have already revealed the first look of their spring summer 18 collection. These creative designers have come up with a unique concept for their luxury streetwear brand for the year 2018.  According to the duo, it is their interpretation of a range of clothing that is a mix of both masculine as well as feminine. The items of clothing introduced under this range are tough and sexy at the same time to make them irresistible for women who are strong and possess an athletic build.

Brantley and Fernandez say they are proud of their Hero/Black SS 18 collection which is inspired by their mystery girl who is powerful and strong, much like a unicorn or a mermaid. They say their dream girl is inspired by mythology and she has a lean and tall physique. In many ways, she is mysterious and yet powerful, ready to explode the myth of male superiority.  The collection will be launched online on Her/Black and it will be available through select retailers around the country.


You can see the model wearing a black leather bra and a black boxer with a black waistband. She is wearing a short hooded black shirt with Hero/Black written on the sleeves.  It is indeed a unique top that is so short that it does not even cover the bra of the model. In another image, the same model is wearing a light blue jumpsuit which is sleeveless and has a long V neckline.

Third item in Hero/Black SS 18 range is a long black hooded sweatshirt. It has Hero/Black written prominently on the sleeves. Another beautiful garment from this range is a long black one piece dress which is sleeveless and ankle high. It is a slim fit dress designed to enhance your curvy figure. On display is also a white one piece swimsuit with Hero/Black written at the front.


Another garment in this range is a long sleeveless round neck T-shirt having two stars printed at the front. But the dress that catches one’s attention the most is a grey color skirt top with both the shirt and the top having a front zipper. The top is off the shoulders and the skirt is knee high. Final garment of this range is a grey jacket with a zipper at the front. This jacket has light grey sleeves and rib knit pattern on the cuffs and the waist.